Quotes Poland vs. Turkey

09 September 2009

Muli Katzurin, Poland Coach:

It wasn't our best game both in terms of defence and offense. We let our opponents shoot with 72% efficiency. The Turkish team was much better at point guard position. Today it was crucial. We scored only four points from fastbreaks, and this element of the game was our great weapon so far."

Krzysztof Szubarga, Poland:

"It was our worst game. We had huge problems in defence, we didn't execute open shots. We lost because of weak defense."

Nihat Izic, Turkey Coach:

"Omer made an incredible job against Logan. We played our game, we tried to play an inside-outside game. We didn`t know that basketball in Poland is so popular. I`m really surprised."

Omer Onan, Turkey:

"The last two days I felt bad, I had a fever, almost 40 degrees. Today I was to play 10 minutes maximum. However during the warm-up I told the coach that I felt good and I can play for more minutes. I had to stop David Logan, that was my main goal. In order to do it I used All my energy. We planned to stop Logan and not let him score more than 10 points. We did it."


09.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes
09.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes

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