Quotes Russia vs. France

09 September 2009

Timofey Mozgow (Russia):

"The game was very tough. Just at the end our opponents were a little better and won the game. I am sorry about the game, but this is a sport. For me it was a great experience to play against a few very good players from NBA."

Ronny Turiaf (France):

"It was a tough game, very hard for both teams. We stayed focused for 40 minutes, we played together and we are very happy with beating a very strong Russian team."

David Blatt (Russia Coach):

"Congratulations to the French team. Both teams played hard, both teams were in position to win the game. We  rebounded badly, we turned ball over more, but on the other hand, in the third quarter we controlled the game. Statistically it doesn't make sense. France showed their great experience, they led relatively consisted game during whole 40 minutes."

Vincent Collet (France Coach):

"I am very glad because we beat a very strong Russian team. For now it was the toughest and our best game in this tournament. We played much better on offense than yesterday. We moved a lot and found good situations. The best thing that we've is controlling our  game. We knew all the time what we should do with the ball. We had only 12 turnovers, we dominated boards what was the key to win."   


09.09.2009 - By David Hein

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