Quotes Israel vs. Greece

09 September 2009

Raviv Limonad, Israel:

"It was a disappointing game for us. We didn't play what we wanted to play. We have to focus on the future and we have many things to consider."

Nikolaos Zizis, Greece:

"We played good basketball, especially in the second half. We are satisfied with the result. We are in good spirits, but we know that in the next round things will be more difficult."

Zvi Sherf, Israel coach:

"It was a game only for the protocol. I have to congratulate Greece, they play the best defense in the tournament. We are disappointed, it's a shock for me and my team. We have a lot of time to think about what happened in this tournament."

Jonas Kazlauskas, Greece coach:

"I'm happy, this round was very successful for us. We won all our games and gained a psychological boost. We fight, start from tough defense and are efficient in offense. There are only several small things that we have to correct. This tournament shows that there are no weak teams anymore."


09.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel
09.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel

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