Quotes Croatia vs. Israel

08 September 2009

Nicola Vujcic, Croatia:

"We won, but I hope it was our worst match in this Eurobasket. Today we couldn't stop Eliyahu, we have to think this game over, especially if we want to win the whole tournament. Today's victory cannot calm us - we have to play better and better".

Jamin Repesa, Croatia Coach:

"I'm happy with how we played.  We were good on defense as well in offense, had many rebound and shot well from three. Everything is going to be much better if we correct some mistakes".

Yaniv Green, Israel:

"It was an equal game. At the beginning Croatia had some advantage, but in the second half we caught them. The key was the last 2-3 minutes when we made several bad decisions."

Zvi Sherf, Israel Coach:

"Both teams were well prepared for this opening game. We fought, but there were several things that we didn't succeed in- for example aggressive rebounds, we also didn't stop Popovic from the perimeter. We lost a game, but tomorrow is a new day."


07.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel
07.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel

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