Spain vs. Poland Quotes

13 June 2009

Evaristo PEREZ, Spain Head Coach

"The problem in the first half was that it was very hard to stop the three leading Polish players. We improved our defense and stopped them in the second half. Regarding the next game with Latvia, it will be a very difficult game.  They have improved since the last European Championship. We are similar teams and we have to show in every game that we are better."

Krzyszstof KOZIOROWICZ, Poland Head Coach

"In the first half we played a 3-2 zone, Spain hit some open shots but we still succeeded. We wanted to continue the 3-2 zone in the second half, but lost some balls and our rhythm. Spain also won the one-on-one game with us, and played very aggressive on defense. This kind of event requires a lot of experience. Our game looks better than previous ones.  This is the game we have to learn from.


13.06.2009 - By Jeff Taylor

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