Quotes Finland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

19 January 2009

Tommi Koskinen, Finland head coach:

"We were able to win four straight games and two of the wins came in a do-or-die-situation on the road. Not every team could have done that. It would have been a shame not to qualify with four victories. Our players showed great working ethic throughout the qualifiers and we improved game by game. This has definitely been one of the better experiences of my career. I think we showed Finland belongs to Division A. If we are able to keep this group of players together, Finland can achieve something special in years to come."

Reetta Piipari, Finland guard:

"We feel awesome. It's been an honor to be part of this team. This last game against Bosnia and Herzegovina did not have a lot of meaning to us, but still we were able to play a very solid game."

Tiina Sten, Finland center:

"I think we were more nervous following the score of game Romania vs. Great Britain. The future looks bright - we have a relatively young team with a few important, more experienced players to guide us."

Taru Tuukkanen, Finland forward (on Finland winning 4 straight after 2 losses):

"It seems that pressure suites us. A few years ago we won against Slovenia by 18 in our last game, when we needed a 16-point-win to stay in Division A. This time around we pulled off four straight wins."

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