Quotes Netherlands vs Sweden

05 September 2009

Lars Johansson, head coach of Sweden:

"We started the game with control over the Dutch players Naomi Halman and Leonie Kooij. In my opinion it wasn't the zone defense that changed the game. The change of the momentum was a little bit earlier in the game, more specifically when Halman found her rhythm. I will not blame it on our missed shots, but if we had made our shots the change would not have been so drastic.

We have been working out in camps, but I rather would have played at least one serious game more. It is different playing against each other than playing in group matches.

For the return on Wednesday, it is very hard to make predictions. A difference of eigth points, it is nothing. We won't focus on the score, we will focus on playing a good game."

Meindert van Veen, head coach of the Netherlands:

"I'm very happy we could make a turnaround in the game. In my opinion, the game changed when we started playing our zone defense. In the first minutes of the game we let them play their game. But when we changed to our zone defense, from then on we dictated the game.

We have one day to celebrate this victory. On Monday we leave for Sweden. It's very hard so say something about Wednesday's game. Eigth points difference is not a lot. We the victory should give my players confidence. We have proven that we can play Sweden."

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