Quotes Germany vs. Lithuania

13 September 2008
Rutenis Paulauskas, Lithuania coach:

"Our defense today was great but in the beginning our offense wasn't good. This was because the Germans were playing much better than in the game in Lithuania. Their defense was a lot better and they controlled the rebounds as well. Congrats to the German team for reaching the Additional Qualifying Round. They are a great team and will make it!"

Imre Szittya, Germany coach:

"We fought to the end of the game but it wasn't enough. In the final minutes of the game, we ‘felt' the long season. Our power decreased. But I am very proud of my team putting on a great effort this season after so many drawbacks. We are very happy that we get the additional chance of qualifying for EuroBasket 2009 in Latvia."

Katharina Kühn, Germay player:

"I'm very happy that we didn't have to go into the Relegation Round. The team was great today and in the games before. We could have won this game tonight but we made too many mistakes in the beginning of the third quarter. Lithuania played smart and physically tough."

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