Quotes Ukraine vs. Belgium

20 September 2008

Eddy Casteels, Belgium Coach: "Everybody knew what it was all about, we needed to win in Ukraine, which would be a very very difficult job. But we had the right team spirit and the right support from the top player like Hervelle. I know that in a team sport it's impossible to integrate one player for one game in one day but because of the team spirit of this group we made it possible."

"Everybody in Belgium will be talking about the two wins against Ukraine, but I really am proud that we had great games against Turkey and France also. We played with a lot of character, a lot of desire, and as a coach you really focus on that because that really what you build into."

Sebastien Bellin, Belgium Player: "I think we fought hard. The first quarter was very chaotic because everyone knew the importance of the game, but we managed to fight out the game and then win it. We all did a great job."

Valentyn Melnichuk, Ukraine Coach: "To tell you the truth I didn't expect it. I couldn't even dream of such a game after how we played against France. We lacked the necessary experience. The reason for just one win in six games is me, the head coach. I was being way too democratic, which led to anarchy. I should have become the bad guy after our first camp in Italy, but chose not to and it's my fault. I have to thank the players for working with us all summer. For all the travels, for being at home just one day a month."

"We had great moments against Turkey and France. Unfortunately our worst games came out against our main competitors - Belgium."

Andriy Agafonov, Ukraine Player: "For some reason we were sure we would not end up last. But we lacked some experience, we lacked some luck, which determined the outcome. We don't have a leader on our team, we are all professionals and realize we need to give the ball to whoever gets hot. It can be Drozdov on one night and Lishchuk on another."

"I am very happy with the experience I earned playing for the national team. You don't get to play against NBA or Euroleague type players too often. The coach trusted me with a lot of playing time and I was doing my best not to let him down."

"I have to forget about the national team in 15 minutes and join Khimik for a practice."

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