Quotes Khimik vs. Proteas EKA AEL


Dmitry Bazelevskiy, coach Khimik:

"In the games at this level the good players had to show not only the desire but also the high level of basketball. Before this match the team was given a task not to give the guests the feel  of the game, not to give them easy shots. But it was not executed for some reason. We have to understand why."

Goran Cakic, player Khimik:

"I can not say what happened with the team. We showed nothing today. Thank you to our fans for the great support, it is pleasant to play when the hall is full. Now we have to forget this bad game and to concentrate on the Ukraine league."

Charles Barton, coach Proteas EKA AEL:

"We made every preparation possible to win this game, we watched the first game and analyzed it. I warned our players that Khimik didn’t show their real potential in the first game. For me there was a surprise that the home team failed completely in the first half. I got the impression that their players lost their head."

Vasily Zavoruev, player Proteas EKA AEL:

"It was unexpected for us that Khimik faulted in the first quarter. We certainly believed in victory, but nobody expected to be so easy the first half. Then we just led the game to a logical conclusion, simply controlling the events on the court."