Quotes U-Mobitelco vs. PAOK BC


PAOK coach Tab Baldwin:

"I am very happy for the way we played here, in Cluj. I am glad we managed to qualify against a really good side, who showed us a lesson in the first game, in Greece."

U-Mobitelco Cluj coach Miodrag Perisic:

"It was a tough game. We tried, we could have won. But we made a lot of silly mistakes, which cost us."

PAOK guard Dimitrios Verginis:

"The crowd was sensational.  The game was really tough. But I knew we would win, because I knew our team can fight. In some moments, we lost concentration, but we managed to come back. The home side controlled the game, but in the end it was us who succeded."

Cluj guard Ucechukwu Iheadindu:

"We lost a big chance. We started good, but could not keep the high tempo. Their experience decided the outcome of the game."


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