Plannja vs. Samara quotes


David Visscher, Plannja head coach:

"Of course, a lot was missed by us in our first game. In the second game we looked good but the opponent was still stronger. I congratulate Samara with the win and wish all success in the FIBA EuroCup qualifying round. And one more thing – thank you for your friendly hospitality in Samara."

Valery Tikhonenko, Samara head coach:

"The result of this game very important for us. And I am very glad that we have reached the set aim. Now we will prepare for the next level of the FIBA EuroCup. The FIBA Draw – 30th of November, and the first game is on 11th of December. So, there is no time for a party, we have to continue to work hard, and we will do it! "


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