Dexia Mons Hainaut-My Guide Amsterdam Quotes


Roger Huggins, Mons Hainaut forward:

"The coach had told us that Amsterdam was always a dangerous team,and that's the reason why we played very aggressive at the beginning.We took quickly ten points ahead,and after all became easy."
Chris Finch, Coach of Mons Hainaut:

"Despite the injury of George Evans last saturday,we have found solutions inside,and also at three points in the first half.  Everything was then easy when my team was twenty five points ahead at the half time,and I provided the opportunity to give their chance to the young players of the second team."

"Qualification was one of my objectives, and now,it's a new challenge for my players and I, and I'll continue to integrate the new systems."
Simon Fluks, MyGuide Amsterdam forward:

"Mons Hainaut is a very experienced team,and all the players are able to up their level when it's necessary. They began very strongly,and it was difficult for us to follow the rythm."
Arik Shivek, head coach of MyGuide Amsterdam:

"Teams like Charleroi, Ostende or Mons Hainaut are playing very strong,and I think the qualification of our host is deserved."

"When you loose at home by ten points, it's very difficult to reverse the result and Mons Hainaut began the game with excellent movement on offense, and also a very quick tempo."


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