Quotes MiZo Pécs 2010 vs Gambrinus Brno


László RÁTGÉBER (MiZo Pécs Head Coach):

"This was one of those games where you exceed all expectations. The players of Brno are taller, quicker and stronger - our win is due to our 5000 fans and our strong desire to win."

Vlastimil HAVLIK (Gambrinus Brno):

"Both teams were very nervous. At the beginning Pécs played efficiently and we could not find an answer to their man to man defense. In the second half we performed quite well and we could have won this very tight game."

Dalma IVÁNYI (MiZo Pécs):

"It is a wonderful experience and the result of playing with a lot of heart. On Wednesday it will be war."

Tímea BÉRES (Gambrinus Brno):

"It was a great atmosphere and a very tight game - the same can be expected on Wednesday."


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