Quotes Spartak Moscow Region vs. TEO Vilnius


Natalia Hejkova-Rutenis Paulauskas

Natalia Hejkova, Sparktak Moscow Region coach:

"It is only one win in a two out of three series. I hope nobody gets fooled from the final result since our opponents showed what they can do in the third quarter when they scored 31 points. I am proud of my girls and I am sure they will be ready for the upcoming Friday battle."

Rutenis Paulauskas, TEO Vilnius coach:

"We know that Spartak is a great team and we really did not come to Vidnoje to win but we did come to do our best, play as we can play and give our best effort. I can truly say that my team did what they were supposed to do and that is all I can ask from them."


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