Quotes Lotos PKO BP vs. USVO


Herve Coudray (USVO Valenciennes):

"It wasn't a great match in our making, but I am taking my hat off to my competitors who worked really hard on defense in the second half."

"We realized that at all costs it was necessary to stop Chamique Holdsclaw who averaged 27 points in the two first games. Fortunately we managed to spoil these spectacular statistics for the American woman."

"After defeats in two first matches we were under pressure. We were aware that wanting to move on to the next round we could not let ourselves the suffer another defeat."

Roman Skrzeczec (Lotos PKO BP Gdynia):

"We lost this games not at the finish, but in the first minutes. Unfortunately, in this match our defence, which wss the key to the victory over Spartak, left a lot to be desired."

"There's nothing else us can do but look for points in next meetings."


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