Quotes MKB Euroleasing vs. Phard Napoli


MKB-Euroleasing Sopron coach Székely Norbert:

"In the first half Napoli controlled the game, and we got in a hole but our defense was great in the last quarter, so we could decided the game. This was an important win!"

Phard Napoli coach Antonino Molino:

"We played very well until the last quarter, when we made a lot of mistakes. Sopron used this, and shot well too. We gave them the possibility for easy shots. Congratulations for them."

MKB-Euroleasing Sopron guard Barbara Semsei:

"We tried to play our rhythm, but it didn't work in the first half. I'm happy that after the summer national competitions I can show my skills in the Euroleague also."

Phard Napoli small forward Adia Barnes:

"We played well for 30 minutes, but we had a lot of problems in our defense in the last quarter. Congratulation for the young Sopron team, they did a good job!"


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