Quotes MKB Euroleasing vs. ESB Lille Metropole


Norbert Szekely, coach  MKB-EUROLEASING SOPRON:

"This game was like a russian roulette! We won this game in the last 5 minutes. Many thanks to our fans, they helped a lot."

Abdou N'diaye, coach ESB Lille Metropole:

"We knew, that it will be a hard game. It wasn't a beautiful game, but it was exciting. We are a little bit disappointed, because we had a chance to win."

Barbara Semsei, player MKB-EUROLEASING SOPRON:

"We didn't play well, but fought for every ball. I would like to say a big thank you to our fans. They helped us until the end."

Ljubica Drljaca, player ESB Lille Metropole:

"We played well for 40 minutes, but made a lot of mistakes in the last few moments. Congratulations to Sopron, they were very motivated."


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