Quotes Phard Napoli vs Fenerbahce


Zafer Kalaycioglu, Coach Fenerbahce:

"It was a very hard game. We had two injuries during the week and so we were worried about this game, which was important for us to win before the next one versus Sopron. We were very lucky in free throws and rebounds and this let us win. Napoli Phard didn’t manage to use the advantage of playing on the homecourt although it has been a very fighting team."

Nino Molino, Coach Phard Napoli:

"We made a lot of mistakes during the first two periods and against such a confident team as Fenerbahce we had a lot of problems in reaching an equilibrium.However I appreciated my team reaction reaching for three times the score. What we suffered at the beginning of the match has been our blame."

Mariangela Cirone, Player Phard Napoli:

"It was a pity, because we lost a homecourt match. This could complicate our qualification to the next Euroleague Women phase. Fenerbahce had a super Pondexter and we didn’t manage to speed our actions during the decisive moments of the match."