Quotes Mav Coop Szolnoki - Baltiskaya Zwezda


Peter Tapodi, Head Coach, Mav Coop Szolonoki:

“We made too many mistakes against a strong team. We do not have much international experience or many players with experience and sometimes we play scared. When we are strong mentally we can play well.”

Kira Trzheskal, Head Coach, Baltiskaya Zwezda:

“I don’t feel anything right now because the game was difficult so it is hard to feel something. Going into the game we knew it would be tough, but when we were losing we weren’t thinking about a victory or loss.

“At halftime I asked my players to fight hard and that is what they did.”

“This victory is important for us because we are a young team. Hopefully this will bring us some money so we can develop our club.”

Demya Walker, Baltskaya Zwezda:

“This was amazing and exciting. It is the first championship I have won in my career and to be MVP is great.”

“When we were down we didn’t panic at all which is typical of our game and characteristic of our team. We didn’t play our best today but we stuck together and had great chemistry.


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