Quotes France - Greece

24 September 2003

Giorgos Tsitskaris, Head Coach, Greece

"We lost again by 5 point and we are out. My players tried their best against the European Champions. We made one crucial foul with 47 seconds on the clock and that is why we lost."

Evanthia Maltsi, Greece

"We're out but we played well in the last 2 games. Other teams had more experience and we paid for that. We tried and we wanted to win very much. We have to take the experience and use it for 2004 in Athens."

Alain Jardel, Head Coach, France

"We are very happy to have won. This was a good game and Greece caused us a lot of problems. It is sad that Greece will not qualify ut we have the same target as them, to make the final 8. Greece have already qualified for the Olympics but we do not know if we will be there."

"I'm also very happy with the performances of our young players Elodie Godin and Emmeline Ndongue."

Audrey Sauret, France

"I want to congratulate Greece, because I love teams that play with heart like they do. We will play either Russia or Spain in the quarter-finals which will be tough, but we are excited, and we'll see what happens."


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