Game report: Yugoslavia - Latvia


In the first period of the 3rd quarter-final of Eurobasket 2001, Yugoslavia played a superb game in every aspect against Latvia. Yugoslavia's 10 to nothing quick-start followed by 7/7 three point scoring combined with Latvia's 9 turnovers resulted in a 37-13 score going into the second period.

In the second quarter, Latvia's offense organization improved with the leadership of young Laksa (16 points in 14 minutes) but this only stopped Yugoslavia's chance of boosting the advantage of the already big difference. Yugoslavia missed its first three pointer 4 minutes remaining in the first half at the 13th attempt.

Yugoslavia's success at transition game was the key point which ended with 25 field goals produced by 17 assists.

The beginning of the third quarter showed that whatever Latvia tried Yugoslavia was very comfortable on the court and on the bench. With baskets from Gurovic Yugoslavia reached a 30 point lead at the end of the quarter: 91-61. In the last quarter, coaches decided play with reserves. 11 players from Yugoslavia scored and the game ended with great show on the court as well as from tribunes from which Yugoslavian fans formed a band playing lively music. Yugoslavia outscored Latvia in every department of the stats which led to a huge 114-78 win.

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