14.09.2003, 13:30h
14.09.2003, 13:30h
13 - 2112 - 1615 - 2024 - 15
13 - 2112 - 1615 - 2024 - 15
Venue: Stockholm (SWE) |
Referees: Volodymyr Drabikovskyi (UKR), Shmuel Bachar (ISR)


Quotes Serbia & Montenegro - Greece

Dusan Vujosevic, Head Coach, Serbia & Montenegro:

“The Greek team was more dominant inside under the basket and that made it easier for them from the outside as well.”

“Our best shooter Stojakovic wasn’t playing and neither did Jaric. When they are playing the opponent has to concentrate on them and can’t help as much on Gurovic.”

“We have to analyze this and find reasons why this happened so that it doesn’t happen again.”

“The Greek team has a lot of good players and they are a better team than we are without Stojakovic and Jaric.”

Vule Avdalovic, Serbia & Montenegro:

“We had high expectations for this tournament and we didn’t fulfill them. We showed today at times that we can play good basketball, but the Greek team was better today.”

Yannis Ioannidis, Head Coach, Greece:

“Today we won the game despite shooting much worse, 35 % compared to 49 % for Serbia & Montenegro. We did have better free throw shooting.”

“We lost only once, against Italy, but so will the second placed team. It’s just a matter of losing the wrong game.”

“With the same shooting percentage, you can lose one day and win another day. If not for all the turnovers we should have won the game against Italy.”

“Whenever a Greek team, national or club, loses it always leads to lots of criticsm. We accept criticism, but if someone comes up with stuff that has no foundation, it’s unacceptable and it’s bad for basketball.”

Nikolaos Chatzivrettas, Greece:

“We played a little better today and we have the fifth place.”

“When we lost against Italy it was very heavy for the team and especially for me.”

“The newspapers in Greece writes that the players play with no heart, but I can say that I wouldn’t be on this team if I didn’t have heart.”

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