Game report: Lithuania - Latvia


Latvia has proved that they're not in this tournament for a couple of workouts. First period was a scene of consecutive baskets from each team. Latvia led in the first five minutes of the game (10-8) when Lithuania seemed to cope with downtown shots of Latvian guards. Score was tied at the end of first quarter (20-20). Lithuania still suffered especially in defence in the second quarter, coach Kazlauskas trying various substitutions to keep things on track on both sides of the court. Halftime score was 45-35 for Latvia, hard moments for the Lithuanians still waiting ahead. Unstoppable Latvia rushed in to the third quarter, catching a 19-7 run to open the score gap up over 20 (64-42), period closed with 66-52. Lithuania playing their last best cards late in the game could not compete with a shining Latvia in the final quarter, cancelling their tickets for Istanbul as well as Indiana for the World Championships (94-76). Latvia played with 64% outside the arc, being crowned as the highest 3 point shooting team of the tournament so far.

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