Spain Merciless Against Lithuania

06 August 2011
U18 Women

Spain stayed perfect in the Preliminary Round of the Global Vision U18 European Championship Women, after a crushing win against Lithuania, 94-42.

For Lithuania the only way to advance to the Qualifying Round was an improbable victory against Spain, after Poland beat Slovenia earlier on the day.

The Spanish team showed why they are among the favorites at this tournament and their performance was brilliant.

They delivered a lesson in smart basketball, moving the ball and always using an extra pass to find the open shooter.

Meanwhile the Spanish defense was precise and the Lithuanians could actually see the rim on very few shot attempts.

All players of the winning side put their names on the scoring sheet with one exception, Susana Bacete. Five of them scored in double digits, and Yurena Diaz led all of them, with 20 points.

Milda Sukyte had 10 points for Lithuania, and Ieva Preskienyte added five points and nine rebounds in a poor performance for the Baltic team.

Their hard-fought win from the first day, against Poland was worth nothing in the end, as they will fight to avoid relegation in the classification games.


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