Pilavas Claims Three-Point Crown


ENAD Nicosia guard Andreas Pilavas won the three-point contest at the 2007 All Star Game with a consistent shooting display.

Pilavas was the only non All Star to participate in the contest which featured Laurent Sciarra, Arvydas Cepulis, Jeron Roberts and Guilherme Giovannoni.

"I was nervous," admitted Pilavas whose 15 points in the final were enough to beat Cepulis.

"I didn't know anyone and they just called me to represent my country Cyprus. So I started out nervous and I talked to some team mates and said if I make the first two then it's going to be my show."

And that prophesy turned out to be true as Pilavas drained his first two shots on the way to 15 points in the first round.

Cepulis also hit 15 to join Pilavas in the final while Sciarra managed 14, and Roberts and Giovannoni 11 each, eliminating them from the contest.

Cepulis, who hit 48% of this three-point attempts in the EuroCup this year went first in the final and scored 13 to open the door for Pilavas.

The 23-year old Pilavas took advantage and his 15 points earned him the title of 2007 All Star Game shoot-out champion.

"I was consistent," added Pilavas.

"This is good for me and I hope some scouts saw that and I get the opportunity to go abroad and play for myself and my family."

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