Slamnation Soar in Cyprus


The Slamnation are fast becoming a fixture at All-Star games all over Europe. The self-styled “best dunkers in the world” may sound presumptuous, but those who are lucky enough to witness their show soon recognize the validity of their claim.

Putting on a show combining thumping music and gravity-defying dunks, the Slamnation are master showmen and the perfect ingredient for an electric all-star style atmosphere.

It wasn’t only the fans who were propelled out of their seats by some of the nation’s aerial feats, the All-Stars themselves also had words of praise.

Halftime entertainment with the Slamnation
Ziani Kadour of the Slamnation
“They did a great job,” said All-Star Day MVP Shammond Williams.

“They’re really athletic, kept the crowd into it. I was fascinated I really enjoyed that.”

“I’ve seen them in St Petersburg on dvd, but to see them in person was really awesome,” added Kelly McCarty. “I was excited. That cartwheel dunk was crazy, crazy.”

The cartwheel dunk is the pièce de resistance of one of the Slamnation’s original members, Abdoulaye Bamba. Placing the ball on the floor at around the free throw line, Bamba takes a run up, performs a cartwheel, picking the ball up in one motion and finishing with a reverse dunk.

Perhaps the most impressive athletic display of the night was not even a dunk. The 179 cm Ziani Kadour possesses a 50 inch vertical leap, which he uses to take the term “above the rim” to literally new heights.

With the ball wedged between the rim and the backboard, Kadour somehow manages to kick (yes kick!) it loose, so not only playing with his head at the rim, but also his feet!

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