EuroStars 1998 - Berlin

The 1998 EuroStars was moved to the western Europe for the first time, but the question was would it help the west team to win their first game?

Dejan Bodiroga
As it turned out the answer was no and the East walked away with a third consecutive victory. Nonetheless, the event belonged to player from the West in Carlton Myers, who walked away with both MVP and 3-point contest trophies.

Only 4 “rookies” were on display among the 24 players and all represented the West. Alba Berlin guard Henrik Rödl gave something for the home fans to cheer for, while the team also welcomed Andrea Meneghin, Eric Struelens (as a late replacement for Tanoka Beard) and Rasho Nesterovic.

The West was coached by Svetislav Pesic while Stanislav Eremin led the East.

The game was the first time that the then new 10-minute quarters and 24 second shot clock were tested. The East led throughout the first half, although the gap was slim at 51:55 at halftime. Up until that point Myers was having a solid game and had scored 8 first half points.

But it was the halftime break and 3-point contest that Myers used as a springboard to his 2 individual awards.

The Italian guard faced Petr Naumouski in the final of the shoot-out. The FYROM guard hit 19 of a possible 30 points, leaving Myers, who had hit 15 in the first round, an uphill task to win. Despite having the pressure of knowing what he needed to win, Myers did not seem to be phased and actually had Naumoski beaten with 5 balls to spare. He hit a total of 17/25 shots for a record haul of 24 points, and of course the title.

Niko Ekonomou

Myers used the momentum to spark a second half performance that led to the MVP award. He also used it as a chance to display a little showmanship. With the West on a 13-4 run Myers found himself with the ball in the corner with enough time to glance at the crowd and ask them, am I going to hit it? You bet!

For all Myers’ heroics it was the East who would go on to win what had been the closest of the EuroStars’ games. It was Serb and Montenegrin forward Dejan Bodiroga who decided the game with 8 straight points in the closing minutes.

Myers finished with 20 points for the West while Predrag Danilovic added 19.

Dino Radja top scored for the East with 17.


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