Czechs Hand NT Reins To Ginzburg

02 December 2013
Jan Vesely (Czech Republic)
Jan Vesely and his Czech Republic teammates will find a new play-caller at the sidelines for the next campaign

In a move that breaks with tradition, the Czech Basketball Federation (CBF) has announced that Ronen Ginzburg will be the coach that steers the men's national team into next summer's EuroBasket 2015 Qualifying Round.

The 50-year-old Israeli tactician will therefore become the first foreign coach at the helm of the Czech national team.

Ginzburg however is hardly a stranger to the Czech game, having worked at Mattoni NBL champions CEZ Nymburk for the past seven years, the last four of which as their head coach.

Before parting ways with the Czech powerhouse last summer to work as a commentator on Israeli TV, Ginzburg had collected a domestic league and cup title double for each one of his years at Nymburk.

Ginzburg will collaborate with the CBF on a different contractual basis than his predecessor, Pavel Budinsky, who was combining the national team role with the head coaching post at a Czech NBL club, BK Decin.

"The CBF has decided to hire a full-time coach," explained federation president Miroslav Jansta explained.

"There is still more than three quarters of the year left until the qualifying games for the EuroBasket but we can already announce that the coach who will try to lead the team to a second participation in a row is Ronen Ginzburg."

Budinsky was in charge of the national team since 2009 with excellent results but his contract expired after EuroBasket 2013 and the CBF decided to take a different course.

Interestingly, it was Budinsky himself who suggested to the CBF, in his report after the EuroBasket, that the senior national team should have a full-time coach.

"We appreciate the work that he [Bundinsky] did during four years as the head coach of the national team, he took the team from Division B into the EuroBasket," Jansta praised the former coach.

Ronen Ginzburg
Ronen Ginzburg knows Czech basketball inside and out from a total of seven years at Nymburk

"But Pavel Budinsky is currently contractually bound by BK Decin and now it's time to change the overall structure of the national team."

Ginzburg will not only be in charge of the senior team but will also devote part of his time to training and development projects for coaches in the Czech Republic.

Budinsky said that he treasured the memories of his four year-tenure at the national team, and especially the ones related to the EuroBasket.

"You see elite basketball, how it is in countries where basketball is either the number 1 sport or number 2 after football, you see with your own eyes players that sometimes you have just watched on TV," the former Czech national team coach said.

"It is such a valuable asset to be part of the great basketball family that qualifies to the European championship."

As for the new boss of the national team, Budinsky commented: "Each coach has his own philosophy and it reflects on the team."

"I have played against Ginzburg while he was at Numburk, but that was different because there he had foreign players too, but now it will be exclusively down to Czech players."

"I am also curious to see the style of play that he will choose to employ."


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