Iceland Start Preparation

07 July 2014


9. Jon Stefansson (Iceland)
Iceland have announced a 30-man wider training squad for EuroBasket 2015 Second Qualification Round, with all their key personnel on the list.


Newly appointed senior men's national team coach Craig Pedersen has gone for a big squad which goes into training in Iceland on 15 July.

They play two games against Luxembourg in late july and early august before they host Great Britain in Reykjavík on the 10th of august.

Pedersen has at his disposal CAI Zaragoza star Jon Arnor Stefánsson along with veterans Hlynur Baeringsson and Logi Gunnarsson. The young giant Ragnar Nathanaelsson who recently signed with Sundsvall in Sweden is also in the squad alongside other young and upcoming players such as Elvar Fridriksson, Martin Hermansson and Kristófer Acox who will play in college next season. Hördur Axel Vilhjálmsson who recently signed with Mitteldeutscher and Haukur Helgi Pálsson of Breogens are two other key players on the list.


Axel Kárason; Birgir Björn Pétursson; Brynjar Björnsson; Darri Hilmarsson, Elvar Már Fridriksson; Emil Barja; Finnur Atli Magnússon; Haukur Helgi Pálsson; Helgi Már Magnússon; Helgi Rafn Viggóson; Hlynur Baeringsson; Hördur Axel Vilhjálmsson; Jakob Örn Sigurdsson; Jóhann Árni Ólafsson; Jón Arnór Stefánsson; Kristófer Acox; Logi Gunnarsson; Martin Hermannsson; Marvin Valdimarsson; Matthías Orri Sigurdsson; Mirko Stefán Virijevic; Ólafur Ólafsson; Ómar Örn Saevarsson; Pavel Ermolinskij
Ragnar Ágúst Nathanaelson; Sigurdur Gunnar Thorsteinsson; Stefán Karel Torfason; Sveinbjörn Claessen; Tómas Heidar Tómasson; Aegir Steinarsson


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