Greece Crush Israel

Greece remained perfect at the end of the Preliminary Round in Group A at Poznan after a 106-80 win over Israel in the last day of the championship.

The game had no influence on the final standings whatsoever and as a result Coach Jonas Kazlauskas chose to rest Ioannis Bouroursis towards the Qualifying Round where Greece will carry two wins in a great pole position for the Quarter-Finals.

Little On The Line For Greece And Israel

The closing game of Group A in Poznan between the group's winner Greece (2-0) and the team to go home Israel (0-2), will have no influence on the final standings in the group.

Both team's destiny is set in stone already, so for both teams it will be a good chance to think about the future.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Roye Zeev Berkowitz 1.84 09.04.1982 Tel-Aviv (ISR)  
 Tal Burstein SF 1.98 19.02.1980 Petah-Tikva (ISR)  
 Nir Cohen 2.02 17.06.1981 Haifa (ISR)  
 Dror Hagag PG 1.78 31.12.1978 Beer Yakov (ISR)  
 Nitzan Hanochi SG 1.90 10.06.1986 Kfar Saba (ISR)  
 Ori Ichaki 1.94 27.02.1981 Tel Aviv (ISR)  
 Elishay Kadir PF 2.02 04.11.1987 Tel-Aviv Yafo (ISR)  
 Erez Katz 1.90 09.04.1980 Jerusalem 
 Gil Moshe Mossinson 2.00 29.09.1978 Tel Aviv (ISR)  
 Jonatan Nir PF 2.04 03.07.1986 Beer Yakov (ISR)  
 Yogev Ohayon PG 1.91 24.04.1987 Tzfat (ISR)  
 Mushon Yaakosi 2.04 16.11.1980 Kfar Sava 
 4Moran Roth PG 1.80 10.11.1982 Rehovot 
 5Lior Eliyahu SF 2.03 09.09.1985 Tel Aviv (ISR)  
 6Raviv Limonad SG 1.91 26.08.1984 Natanya (ISR)  
 7Christopher Watson FC 2.00 16.07.1975 NY (USA)  
 8Omri Casspi SF 2.04 22.06.1988 Holon (ISR)  
 9Yotam Halperin SG 1.93 24.01.1984 Tel-Aviv (ISR)  
10Guy Pnini SF 2.00 04.09.1983 Tel Aviv (ISR)  
11Meir Tapiro PG 1.95 28.03.1975 Haifa (ISR)  
12Matan Naor SF 1.96 03.11.1980 Rehovot (ISR)  
13Ido Kozikaro 2.02 08.01.1978 Zefat (ISR)  
14Yaniv Green 2.04 16.05.1980 Tel Aviv (ISR)  
15Amit Tamir PF 2.10 02.12.1979 Jerusalem (ISR)  


Head Coach: Zvi-Shmual Sherf
Assistant Coach: Arik Shivek ,
Ariel Beit Halahmy

More Headlines

F.Y.R. Of Macedonia Tame Israel

History took place today in Poznan as F.Y.R of Macedonia wrote their first ever win in the final round of EuroBasket after an 82-79 victory over Israel.

With this win they climb to a 1-1 record, while Israel dropped to 0-2 before the closing day tomorrow.

Israel, FYROM Meet On Path To Qualifying Round

Every synonym to "war" would perfectly fit the upcoming match between Israel and the F.Y.R of Macedonia today in Group A in Poznan.

Right after the draw both teams marked in their calendar the second day of the group in their head-to-head match knowing it most probably be a winner-takes-all battle. Both sides see a win over the groups' favorites - Greece and Croatia - a bonus. The real battle is for third place and the path there goes through this game.

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03.09.2008vs GBR[W] 102-92 (H)
06.09.2008vs BIH[L] 71-77 (A)
10.09.2008vs CZE[L] 70-91 (A)
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17.09.2008vs BIH[W] 88-74 (H)
20.09.2008vs CZE[W] 98-61 (H)



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