Serbia & Montenegro Under Pressure For Israel Match-Up

17 September 2005

Many can argue that this game will be the one featuring the overachievers against the underachievers.

For the host nation, this game is an absolute must-win situation. And head coach Zeljko Obradovic wants his men to win to silence the fans who booed them against Spain last night.

"I want the fans who booed us yesterday to come to this game and support our opponents again. I believe we will show them they were wrong to do that to us yesterday," he said.

But Obradovic made no excuses for his side's poor performance in the opening game.

"Before the tournament started, I was asked to talk about the home court advantage. I said then that I would answer that question after the games. Now some people may say that we lost because we were under pressure, having to play in front of our fans against a tough Spanish team. But there are no excuses to be made. I am not making excuses. I take the blame for what happened last night and I know we can play better than what we showed."

Meanwhile Israel could be forgiven for taking it easy having won a game - one more than many predicted they would.

But instead, head coach Zwi Sherf says yesterday's win should encourage his players to do even better.

"We won a game that could decide third place in our group. We are very happy to have the advantage for that battle, but there is more we can do. We are taking each game one at a time and giving the best efforts we can."


28.09.2005 - By Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA Sport
28.09.2005 - By Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA International
23.09.2005 - By Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA Sport
20.09.2005 - By Simon Wilkinson

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