Quotes Romania vs. Germany

04 June 2011

Romania Head Coach Nolan Stacey Tremayne:
"Congratulations to the team of Germany because they played a very good game tonight. For us it is a very important victory after the first defeat and I'm satisfied. We played very well in the first half, in the second the girls were very tired but they didn't leave the game. We played faster and close, our intensity has grown compared with yesterday and so we won."

Romania Player Gabriela Marginean:
"It was a tough game against a good team. We were very tired and it was difficult playing in a gym so hot, anyway we never gave up. We played as a team and now we feel more in ourselves."

Germany Head Coach Bastian Wernthaler:
"We had difficult games and I'm upset. We started very bad and our opponents had an important size advantage over us. We can't play always on a high level because we are a good but young team. We also had to work a lot to improve our defense and play really as a group. Romania deserved to win tonight. "

Germany Player Romy Bär: 

"We are disappointed because we didn't play good basketball. According to the statistics the shooting percentage was low, we lost lots of balls and we failed to make the right decisions on the ground. We have great potential but we have to be more focused in the next game."


04.06.2011 - EuroBasket Women AQT

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