Quotes Great Britain vs. Romania

10 January 2009

Head coach of Romania, Gheorghe Mandache:

"It was a normal result for us.  At the end of the game our defence was really important to us and we were really focused on the end of our offense every single time.  It was important not to let our heads go down."

Romania's Monika Isabele Borgia:

"It was a hard game but good for us to win.  We had a plus in defense so I congratulate my team.  They (Great Britain) have a good team and played well but like I said we had a plus in defense and it's an important result for us."

Head coach of GB, Mark Clark:

"Obviously we are really disappointed, it goes without saying.  I thought we put in a great effort to comeback in the second half but the foul outs were crucial in the end and people fouling as they did didn't help us."

"The most important thing to remember is that we are still in control of our own destiny in this group, a win against Finland should secure our status and that's what we will focus on from the moment we step out of this gym."

Great Britain's Kim Butler:

"We lost our mental focus.  It's heart breaking because for the whole game we fought back and controlled it, then we fought back against and weathered their runs and brought our game back.  But we have to learn to take care of the little things - that happened in the summer and it happened again tonight, tThings like turnovers and mental lapses and we were fouling them 90ft from our own basket and giving them easy baskets." 

"Their players made big plays - their taller guard is a Euroleague player and we have to realise things like that.  It was a great effort and we definitely picked it up from the game against Bosnia."

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