Quotes Italy vs. Poland

Giampiero Ticchi:

"First of all I would like to congratulate Poland. We played a great first half, but then we had a mental blackout. This team is young and easily loses its confidence. When this happened we couldn't play anymore our aggressive basketball and we did a lost of mistakes - too many turnovers. Now we have one only goal: to win our last three games hoping to be the best third-placed team in the groups."

Angela Gianolla:

"We started very well, leading by 10 points, but because of some silly mistakes we closed the first half only two points ahead. In the third quarter Bibrzycka scored a lot of triples and we got confused. We are very sad, this was our great opportunity."

Krzysztof Koziorowicz, Poland coach:

"We were worried because Italy is a solid team and they played a good game in Gdansk. We knew it was the decisive game for us, I am happy because Bibrzycka scored the most important points of the game but her team-mates were important for the success in the first half. Now our position in the group is good but we have to play three more games and we must remain focused: our qualification is not guaranteed at all."

Agnieszka Bibrzycka, Poland player:

"I played a good game but the most important thing is that the team supported me and won it. We missed qualification to EuroBasket last time round and we can't fail this time. We played a better defense than in Gdansk; Italy are dangerous but after a tough game in Bosnia we won and now we can concentrate on the last three games."


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