Quotes Lithuania vs. Germany

27 August 2008

Rutenis Paulauskas, Lithuania Cach:

"We are playing better and better in each game. Today we could see that the player were better mentally prepared for the game and it's a good tendency. We are looking forward for the upcoming games."

Rima Valentiene, Lithuania Guard:

"Finally we start playing like the team. Today we did show what we can do. The atmosphere in the team is really good, so the future looks bright."

Imre Szittya, Germany Coach:

"Lithuania is very good team which played good today in defense. It was very hard game for us, but I hope we can play better in Germany."

Anne Breitreiner, Germany Guard:

"It is hard to win a game with so many turnovers. Lithuania played hard in defense and we couldn't get good shot opportunities."


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