Quotes Ukraine vs. Lithuania


Rutenis Paulauskas, Lithuania coach:

"We knew that Gorbunova is a very strong player and one of the tasks for the game was to limit her play. We did very well on defense as a team, all the girls fought hard. We managed to reduce our mistakes during the second half and organized a number of fast breaks, which was key for us. We have two games left against Germany and Great Britain. We must win both and move on."

Volodymyr Bryukhovetsky, Ukraine coach:

"We had a chance to guarantee our participation in EuroBasket 2009 with a win in tonight's game. And now we must win our two remaining games. Don't forget that Israel won very confidently in Lithuania, which tells you how strong they are. I don't know what happened in the second half. We got a five-point lead and thought we'd easily hold on to it. But we lost our concentration and blew it. We were not ready for the tough defense we faced."