Quotes Ukraine vs Great Britain

13 August 2008

Volodymyr Bryukhovetskiy, head coach Ukraine:

"This was our first home game and the pressure we were under caused such a slow start to the game. We also relaxed too much when were up by 18 points. Some players thought the win was already ours and we lost control of the game for a while."

"Although we did not cope well with one of our tasks for the game - limiting Great Britain's penetrations - we still did well on defense, allowing them to score just 52 points. We'll work on the mistakes we've made and things should be all right in the future".

Mark Clark, head coach Great Britain:

"I was not surprised that the Ukraine team was as good as we expected them to be. We spent a lot of time preparing for them. They have two or three very good players and as a team they function very effectively. In Gorbunova they obviously have a quality player and in key moments of the game she came up with important points."

"From our perspective I think while we were as well prepared as we could have been (we had a good series of games with Croatia) there is nothing like a competitive game, a EuroBasket game, and I think we prove we belong to this level."

It was a close game and we managed to come back. Now we had a look at this level, we've got to adopt and get ready to play Lithuania, who is one of the favorites in the group. But for our first game in Division A I was pleased with our effort, I was pleased with the way we came back in the game."



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