Quotes MiZo Pécs 2010 vs. Wisla Can-Pack

10 December 2009

Ferndandez Marta, player of Wisla Can - Pack Kraków:
"I am so happy I can not tell anything just the big happiness of my team . We won our 7th game of this season."

Jose Ignacio Herndandez, Head coach of Wisla Can Pack Kraków:
"It was a difficult game against a very good team. We made less turnovers than the MiZo Pecs 2010."

Akos Fuzy, Head coach of MiZo Pecs 2010:
"We forced Krakow into the hard play. We fought till the last ball. The team played with magnificient efficiency, but at the end we had no luck. Maybe some missed free throws kept us from winning."

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