Quotes Nadezhda Orenburg vs. Wisla Can-Pack

11 March 2014

Elina Babkina, Nadezhda :

"My congratulations to my team for this win. My team-mates were great! Unfortunately, after the third quarter we relaxed, perhaps, too much - perhaps, we believed we had already won the game and as a result we lost the final quarter. I believe we will work on our mistakes during preparation for the second game."

George Dikeoulakos, Nadezhda coach:

"While preparing for the game we realized that the main thing for the opponent was to win the first game and I'm happy it was our team who won. We played well in defence but did bad in the last quarter, perhaps it's due to the stress the team is under. We are very close to our goal to get to FInals and I hope we win in Poland and won't have to play a third game."

Jantel Lavender, Wisla:

"Nadezhda played hard at the very beggining and took a good point difference. We almost took it back by the end of the game but it was too big and it's pitty we lost as a result."

Stefan Svitek, Wisla coach:

"The start of the game was very nervous but it's hard to win the game when you score only six points in the first quarter. This was a fight on both ends. Later we made three three-point shots and it brought our confidence back and we showed character, played good defence. Of course, we will be fighting at home and we want to show a good game to our fans and use this advantage of playing on home court."



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