Quotes Fenerbahce vs. Rivas Ecopolis

30 March 2012
Fenerbahçe head coach George Dikeoulakos

"Congratulations to Rivas Ecopolis. They played tough and they played smart. That is the reality. If we look from our side, I do not like excuses but the truth is that Angel McCoughtry was sick and played in a very bad condition. Penny Taylor got injured yesterday in the Galatasaray Medical Park game. In addition to the bad luck, yesterday's match's excitement also affected Rivas' game. The game finished at 22:30 but we left at 00:00 and slept at about 04:00 - 04-30. So for as it was really hard to play. Anyway; I have to say that I am very proud of this team. The girls make me proud every day. Now we missed a great chance to do something really good. I thnik we lost because we were unlucky. It would have been totally different if Penny played and the conditions were not like this. We will focus on our next goal."

Fenerbahce small forward Angel McCoughtry
"I think this was one of the toughest games in the tournament. We are upset with this defeat. I congratulate Rivas Ecopolis."

Rivas Ecopolis head coach Miguel Martinez Mendez
"I congratulate Fenerbahçe and I am very happy to win against such a tough opponent which was unbeaten until this game. I'm also really glad to reach the final game of the tournament. Now we have a rest day and then we have to be prepared for Ros Casares."

Rivas shooting guard Anna Cruz
"We won an important match tonight against Fenerbahçe. I guess the victory came with playing 40 minutes tough in the game. Now we have final game that we hope to win."



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