Quotes BLMA vs. Good Angels Kosice


Good Angels head coach Stefan Svitek:
"With nearly 70% field goal percentage for BMLA, I've never seen anything like that in my career. Yes we were tired after a long, difficult journey here but that's no excuse, BLMA were the better team, they were very strong in one-on-one situations, and scored several shots right on the buzzer."

BLMA head coach Valery Demory:
"Kosice play a fast game but we played even faster! Our percentage was great, but we've even been scoring like that for the last few days in training."

BLMA captain Gaelle Skrela:
"We expected a hard match but we prepared very well for it. We could feel that Kosice were tired. We lost a few balls in the last quarter to enable them to reduce the deficit but we never felt in any danger and in the last 7 minutes we concentrated on gaining a maximum point difference."


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