Quotes Perfumerias Avenida vs CCC Polkowice


CCC Polkowice assitant coach Arkadiusz Rusin:
"It was a complete surprise to win here but it is the consequence of a good preparation. We are having a great moment, with a great motivation and we are happy to face the next game".

CCC Polkowice player Megan Frazee:
"To win here it´s  the best thing to have done because it causes a huge quantity of moral and a great strenght for the next game."

Perfumerias head coach Lucas Mondelo:
"We have lost this game because we were not concentrated. The problem was that the players are mentally tired and some of them were injured. The only thing that we have in my mind is to get more motivation to be concentrate because we have to face an important game next Saturday."

Perfumerias guard Marta Xargay:
"We have lost in a bad moment and before an important game but we have to learn about our mistakes. I think the problem is the big amount of games and we are having a lack of focus."


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