Quotes CCC Polkowice vs Tarbes Gespe Bigorre


Tarbes GB Head Coach Pascal Pisan:
"Polkowice played well today. We missed one inside Player. Our defense was not good. We had a lot of problems with transistion. We were not
agressive enough. I would like to congratulate Polkowice."

Tarbes GB  player Florence Lepron:
"Polkowice is a good team. I think it is normall to win home games. Today we was not enough good to win with Polkowice. I hope that in next games we will play better than today."

CCC Polkowice player Valerija Musina:
"We prepared well before this game. I would like to thank my coach for that. We had great practice in last two days. I think that we are able to win in next matches too if we will prepare the same way like for this match."

CCC Polkowice Head Coach Arkadiusz Rusin:
"Wa are really happy. That is our second win in the EuroLeague. The last game in Sopron was not good, today everything looks better. Our defense was strong, we made a lot of points after fast offense. One of the most important elements was three points shots. We made nine. This is a really good score."


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