Quotes Bourges Basket vs Lotos Gdynia


Lotos guard Natalia Ploumpi

"We tried many thinks in defense and it helped us during the first half to control Bourges. But Bourges played very well with hard defense in the second half. We missed a few little things to stay in this game."

Lotos head coach Javier Fort
"We started the game very aggressively, keeping Bourges in check and at the half time we still had a chance to win. But then Bourges began to play comfortable with some three pointers. Bourges put up a very good defense and knew to beat our defense with some good points. We are out of the competition to day and we will focus on our championship now."

Bourges point guard Celine Dumerc
"Gdnya tried to stop us in a lot of different ways tonight but we knew how to adapt our play and then push to play our style of game. We played a good game, winning while using all the players of the team."

Bourges head coach Valerie Garnier
"Starting the game we missed some open shots but we focused on the job on defense and we finally opened their defense and played easier. We are qualified and now will play better and better."


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