Quotes Bourges vs. Ros Casares Valencia

25 February 2011

Pierre Vincent, Bourges coach:

"I am unhappy, firstly because of my team and secondly becase the referees were not consistent during the game and it was impossible [for us] to understand how to play. The team was not patient enough and lost too many balls. But I'm very proud of the team as this loss came against Valencia, which is a very important and athletic team, with a really high level and intensity of basketball."

Endene Miyem, Bourges player:

"I am disappointed as are all of the team. We made too many mistakes and we lost the game because of them. Valencia have a very hard defense."

Natalia Hejkova, Ros Casares coach:

"I'm very happy to win at Bourges, which is never an easy play to do so, and that it happened in this very game. The team was more focused in defense and when you have more dangerous players [on court] the results are coming."

Laia Palau, Ros Casares player:

"This game was physically very difficult; both teams seem to be tired at the end. Even if they trailed for most of the game Bourges always camee back again and again, but we had more experienced players and we were more confident."



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