Quotes Sparta&K M. R. Vidnoje vs. Beretta-Famila

01 February 2011

Sparta&K Head Coach Pokey Chatman:
"Great second half defensive effort and some tough shots Milovanovic and Petrovic helped us win the pink sheet. You have to give credit to Schio and we know game 2 will be a battle. But our job is to win games and that is what we will try and do."

Sparta&K Forward Sonja Petrovic:
"We listened to our coaches instructions at half time and we executed what was asked from us and we won the game. If we listen to what is asked from us we should be able to reach our goals."

Schio Head Coach Sandro Orlando:
"It was my first time in Moscow and I surely hope it is not my last. We started well but as time went by we lost our confidence. This resulted in us loosing the game. We proved that we can play against Spartak on an equal level and I believe that we will play better."

Schio Forward Janel McCarville:
"We let this game slip away from us. I am sure we will come back to Moscow."


01.02.2011 - EuroLeague Women

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