Quotes Nadezhda - Wisla Can-Pack

04 February 2011

Jose Ignacio Hernández, Wisla Can-Pack head coach:
"We are very happy that we qualified among the eight strongest teams in Europe. Our opponent was very strong. Today's match was a hard fight, both teams wanted to win, but we had carefully studied the opponent and it helped us in the end. In the end my team had fun, we were able to reverse the course of the match to our favour."

Yelena Leuchanka, Wisla Can-Pack player:
"During my career, I had to play [many times] against Nadezhda. Those were hard games that we won only in the end. Today we had to play hard against their leading players - Tina Charles and Anastasiya Verameyenka. But in general we played well in defense and achieved such an important victory."

Alexander Yermolinsky, Nadezhda assistant coach:
"To continue the fight in the EuroLeague, we needed to win today, but the match was very difficult for the team. For more than half of the match we kept a small advantage, but at the crucial moment the Polish team regained their composure and began to play harder. We lost the defensive rebounds - that was an important and crucial aspect of the game..."


04.02.2011 - EuroLeague Women

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