Quote Wisla Can-Pack vs Nadezhda

01 February 2011

Nadezhda Assistant Coach ALEXANDER EMOLINSKYI:
"Wisla started the game like in the dream and in the first half we were not able to stop them. They were excellent! In the second half we played better defence and started to reduce the difference. In extra time Wisla played excellent defence, rebounded well and scored 5 point more so that is why we lost the game. Congratulations for the home team."

Wisla Head Coach JOSE HERNANDEZ:
"We are very happy. My Team started the game in an excellent way and hardly all the game we controlled the score - being even 17 points up. For 5 minutes we did not score and that is why we saw such a dramatic game with the extra time. I think that we completely deserved to win the game. Tomorrow mortning we start our travel to Orenburg. Thanks to all our fans for the excellent atmosphere!"


01.02.2011 - EuroLeague Women

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