Quotes Gorzow vs. Frisco Sika Brno


Dariusz Maciejewski, Gorzow coach:
"It was a difficult game. We lost our first two games and today we had to win. We still have a chance to go to the playoffs. We can win games in EuroLeague. But our situation in the group is still difficult. In defence we conceded 61 points, that's a job well done. I used 9 player and I couldn't see different between first formation and the bench players."

Izabela Piekarska, Gorzow player:
"I'm glad that we won a game in home. We know that in Brno team four of their players stay on the court 37-38 minutes [and they can get tired]. And we used that to our advantage in the third quarter."

Milan Veverka, Frisco Sica Brno assistan coach:
"In the first part of the game Gorzow scored 11 points more, in the whole game we conceded 50 points after a Gorzow fast break. We had prepared well before this game. We knew our opponents' tactics and we knew that their best players are Richards, Leuchanka and Green. But we didn't expect such a performance from Piekarska."



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